App for Yandex Eats’ couriers.

Couriers are our heroes. Many of them work 7 days a week, deliver hundreds of orders and delight customers. We did a handy app for them too.

We had a few main problems. Couriers forgot to change their status and they loaded a call centre with phone calls. Here is how we solved these problems.

In the first version of our app we didn’t have a map. Couriers had to switch between a map app and a courier app. It was a bad experience.

In the new app version, we fixed this issue. Now a map, order information and a status button are on one screen. Also we added sound notifications. If courier is near a restaurant and doesn’t switch his status we warn him about it with a sound notification.




Product Designer

We verified many hypotheses and I interviewed more than 20 couriers. Sometimes I worked as a courier too.

While interviewing workers I validated a courier’s profile prototype and had some important insights. Couriers called to the call centre just to check their financial reports though they received them on their emails.

That’s why we made a big accent on their wages and we added some additional informational about each order.

We decreased the amount of phone calls to the call centre, more then 2,5 times and couriers made less mistakes.

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