Yandex Lavka will bring you groceries in just 15 minutes.

From Taxi app to Superapp. I’m really happy that I’ve participated in Yandex Taxi’s transformation.

We’ve been transformed into superapp in 1 year and we’ve aggregate taxi, car sharing, transport, delivery groceries, food and parcels. I was a product designer in a delivery groceries service.




Product Designer

The most difficult task was to integrate new services into a current interface and not to spoil the main metrics. After a lot of experiments and searching, we had an idea about shortcuts. We could offer relevant actions to our users basing on their activities, purchase history, time of day etc.

We understood that product market was just emerging and we wanted to create a unique and friendly image on the street and in app.

So we came up with a bright tile categories. Our assortment increased rapidly that’s why a tile categories were changing. It was bad for the user’s experience. In our new catalogue, we made dynamic and static parts. In a dynamic part, you can see current collections; in a static part, you can see categories.

The category screen is the most important point in the user flow. We did many user interviews and a/b tests to define the design.

A product card can fit into different content and stickers told us about features.

There is a basket with a clear design. It is easy to be scaled and maintained.

You can book a few orders at the same time. For example, we can deliver groceries while you are riding home in a taxi. Really easy!

Yandex Lavka has grown up from 3 storages in one city to 200 storages in 3 cities in 1,5 year. We could also increase an average bill for 187%.

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